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Blueye X3 – Cost Effective Uncrewed Underwater Vehicle

The Blueye X3 is a mini ROV that lets you explore, inspect, and research underwater with various external equipment. It has a HD tilt camera, automatic heading and depth control, 3 knots forward speed, and 1000 ft depth rating. It is also lightweight, robust, and easy to operate with the Blueye App.

The X3 is the latest innovation from Blueye Robotics, a Norwegian company that has been developing user-friendly, versatile, and expandable mini ROVs since 2015. The X3 has 256 GB of storage, and a larger image sensor for better image quality in murky waters and low light conditions. The X3 also has a reinforced frame for robustly mounting external payloads. The three guest ports of the X3 offer multiple power levels and eight different communication protocols, making the X3 compatible with all kinds of underwater equipment. You can integrate grippers, lights, cameras, positioning systems, sonars, sensors, and more with the X3.

The X3 can be controlled with the Blueye App, which is compatible with most devices. The Blueye App allows you to stream live video from the ROV to Teams, adjust the camera settings, tilt the camera up or down, activate the automatic heading and depth control, and share your footage with multiple spectators, in-person. The Blueye X3 is the mini ROV that provides you with endless possibilities. It is the ideal tool for anyone who wants to explore, inspect, or research the underwater world.

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