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Black Hornet 4 PRS UAV

Airborne Personal Reconnaissance System (PRS) for Dismounted Soldiers

The Black Hornet 4 is the next generation in covert UAV capabilities, and swiftly provides situational awareness and enhances effectiveness while minimizing cognitive strain on soldiers.

The drone incorporates a high-resolution Thermal Imager (TI), an Electro Optical (EO) camera with exceptional low-light capabilities. Operators also benefit from an extended range and heightened resilience.

Flight performance has been augmented by new obstacle avoidance capabilities and an advanced battery. The Black Hornet 4 redefines reconnaissance capabilities, empowering soldiers with critical insights for mission success.

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Squad-Level Immediate Covert Situational Awareness

Save lives and minimise collateral damage. Detect and identify threats day and night without being detected. Increase speed and expand manoeuvre options.

Covert Airborne Sensor

Extraordinarily low visual and audible signatures and a light, small profile allow covert operation and increased security for dismounted soldiers.

Beyond Visual Line-Of-Sight Capability

Expand visual range in complex and urban environments. Rapidly engage targets beyond visual line-of-sight, and conduct real-time weapon effectiveness assessment.

Non-Specialist Nano UAV System

A total system weight of 1.3kg and small enough for dismounted soldier to carry on a utility belt, Black Hornet PRS deploys easily, with minimal training required.

Game-Changing, Life-Saving Nano UAV Technology