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GrayShift GrayKey

Speed and Access essential

Grayshift has developed GrayKey, a state-of-the-art forensic access tool, that extracts encrypted or inaccessible data from mobile devices. GrayKey accesses more data than any other technology to help you solve more cases. The GrayKey provides law enforcement with the depth and breadth of actionable intelligence required to help with faster case resolution. The GrayKey uncovers critical evidence, and obtain comprehensive data. Helping to;

Protect – Helping to prevent crimes, exploitation and abduction by identifying evidence
Identify – Utilise extracted data to find potential suspects or witnesses involved in a crime
Locate – Confirm a suspect’s involvement in a case by leveraging location data
Discover – Identify patterns and obtain key insights through expedited data extraction

For additional information, visit GrayShift or watch the overview video below.

Access critical evidence faster

Quickly obtaining critical evidence is essential when trying to confirm or exonerate a suspect’s involvement in a case. Only GrayKey can provide lawful same-day access to the latest iOS devices – in less than one hour.

Uncovering critical evidence

GrayKey offers a unique set of features that allow you to obtain a more comprehensive and detailed data extraction, giving you access to the critical evidence you need.

Global Coverage with 100% Customer Satisfaction

Grayshift has a perfect 100% CSAT and is outpacing the current mobile forensics industry. With a +74 net promoter score (NPS)

Access is Critical