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SUGV 325

SUGV 325 represents the cutting edge in portable robotics, designed to effectively address modern challenges. With its exceptional mobility and situational awareness capabilities, this single-person-lift robot offers a versatile solution for a variety of missions. Featuring a suite of modular payloads including a highly dexterous 5-DOF manipulator. The SUGV can be tailored to meet the demands of both dismounted and mobile operations. Read more here.

  • PORTABLE AND RAPIDLY DEPLOYABLE – In its lightest operational configuration, the SUGV 325 weighs about 20 lb (9.1 kg).
  • EXPANDABLE – An IOP-compliant payload architecture accommodates a wide range of payloads and accessories, enabling multiple different mission-profiles.
  • MULTI-ROBOT CONTROL SYSTEM – The uPoint® Multi-Robot Control System features a tablet with touchscreen control as well as a hand-controller. Nett Warrior and ATAK Compatible.