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Boresight Aerial Targets

Train Against The Future

Boresight was established by personnel with long term experience within the UAV, Defence, intelligence, and law enforcement domains, with the aim of providing highly capable but affordable and expendable drones as aerial targets.

The emerging threat posed by drones, from cheap quadcopters used for surveillance through to sophisticated ‘suicide’ drones is changing the nature of warfare and public safety. Government agencies and Counter-UAS companies need high performance and cost-effective solutions to train and test against.

For additional information, visit Boresight Aerial Targets.

Support Training, Exercises, Certification and Validation

  • Boresight’s aerial targets provide the perfect, cost-effective solution for individual and collective C-UAS training. The target drones are affordable enough to be used for shooting down using kinetic methods or for bringing to the ground using RF / jamming methods. With the ability to gradually increase target profiles and scenarios, from a single target on a simple flight path to numerous simultaneous targets at different speeds, attack vectors and altitudes.
  • Boresight’s aerial targets can be used to test and certify personnel and equipment, and to validate Rules of Engagement and Standard Operating Procedures, ensuring that personnel and equipment are trained, ready and able to meet the threats posed by drone attack.